Children’s Ministry


Come and join us this Summer as we embark on an adventure through the Bible to find those with Incredible Faith and see how Faith in God can save the Day. We will learn how we can build our faith and Friendship with God.


Sunday Morning Schedule

Children can be dropped off in their classroom on the way to Church Service starting at 9:20am. Parents will pick them up at the conclusion of the service either from the classroom or playground. 

Room Drop Off

Nursery: 6 months to children not yet going into Preschool
Children’s room: Children going into Preschool- 1st Grade
Youth Room: 2nd grade- 6th grade
(all grades based on what child finished this year)
*Please note we will not let children leave the classroom without an adult.
**If you haven’t filled out a Registration Form yet, please make sure to print it and bring it with you. You can download the Registration Form by clicking here.
If you have any questions for us please contact us
Children’s Ministry Director | Michaela Bennett
Children’s Leader | Liz Tupa
Children’s Leader | Danielle Gruver