Church Calendar

This is the calendar for events hosted by FPC Newark. We hope that you can join us for many of them. If you would like to add any of these events to your calendar please subscribe to it by clicking on the +Google button on the bottom right of the calendar. 
Calendar Color Codes
Blue – General Church Events     Green – Mission & service
Purple – Quilter’s                        Brown – Men’s
Teal – Student                            Pink – Women’s
Gray – Office
These are only events put on by FPC Newark. If you want to see our facilities calendar please scroll to the next calendar. 



We have a small but great facility at FPC Newark that we are very proud of. We have many rooms that function for different things. If you are interested in renting our facility, please check out the calendar to see if the room that you are thinking of may be available during the time that you are requesting; then email Johanna at Please note that we update our calendar regularly but all events may not appear on it right away. 
Below the calendar you will see a description of our rooms.
Calendar Color Codes
Blue Sanctuary
Orange – Class Rooms
Teal – Fellowship Hall & Kitchen
Green – Library
Pink – Preschool


Our Sanctuary is a beautiful chapel style facility with pews as well as a balcony and stage area. It is perfect for seminars, meetings and recitals. For weddings please see our wedding packet| $60/hr

We can hold 200 people in the sanctuary with an additional 50 seats in the balcony.

Fellowship Hall

Our Fellowship Hall is a banquet-style room that can also be turned into four classrooms. This room has easy access to our kitchen and both a men’s and women’s restroom. It is suitable for large-group meetings, receptions and fundraisers. | $40/hr

We have some tables and chairs that come with the rental but you may need to being additional depending on your numbers.  



We are able to rent our kitchen as an-add on rental only. This means that if you are renting another part of the church for an event you can add the use of the kitchen for a flat fee. | $30

*Please note that it is not a commercial kitchen and you are not able to use it for commercial cooking purposes.
Class Rooms

We have two different classrooms available for rental. One is set up with tables and chairs for children and a second is set up with couches and a large TV. | $40

We can hold about 20 people in each


In our library we have large table area with chairs that can go around it, as well as chairs to create rows. It is ideal for lager meetings and studies.

We can hold about 20-25 people.